How We Hire at CHOP

CHOP is committed to hiring the best—and delivering the best recruitment experience. 

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Members of our Talent Community receive job openings, event invitations, and other information tailored to their interests. 
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Our Hiring Process

We make it easy to share why you’re a perfect fit for CHOP.
Our job descriptions include requirements, responsibilities, and an application link. Be sure to update your resume to demonstrate your qualifications for the role. ​​​​​​​
Recruiter Interview
Talent Acquisition facilitates an equitable, transparent experience. If you are selected to move forward, a recruiter will contact you for a phone or one-way recorded video interview (see guide below)​​​​​​​
In-Person/Virtual Interviews Qualified candidates will be invited to interview virtually or at a CHOP location. You’ll be prompted to answer behavioral, technical, and situational questions that help us get to know you.
Next Steps Depending on your role, you may be invited to shadow at CHOP. We’ll also ask for references during either the interview or offer stage.
You’ll receive a thank you email when you complete an application. Hiring decisions are based on many factors, and some positions attract a high volume of applications. We’ll reach out to selected candidates as soon as possible! 

Guide to Video Interviews

For certain positions, we invite qualified candidates to expand on their skills, experiences, and goals through a one-way video interview. To get started:
Expect a Text If invited to interview, you'll receive a text from our talent platform, Hirevue. Depending on the role you applied for, you may receive additional questions from "Lewis," our hiring assistant.
Practice Your invitation to interview will also include a link to practice and explore your video setup options.
Prepare No personal computer? No problem. Any internet-connected device with a front-facing camera and microphone will work. 
Dress for Success We recommend dressing as you would for an in-person interview!
Get Comfortable
Complete your interview in a quiet space, free from distraction, with good lighting (avoid bright lights behind you).
Be Yourself Tell us why you're a fit for CHOP. We're eager to get to know you—and what's inspiring you to become a Breakthrough Maker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Talent Acquisition Tips  

When pursuing a career at CHOP, be sure to have these tips up your sleeve:
Min Ro
“Don’t use a generic resume for every position you apply for. Tailor your resume around the job description to show you’re qualified for the role.”  
Dyanna DiTonno
“Research CHOP, review the job description in detail, and be ready to answer questions about specific work you’ve completed in relation to the position.”  
Brittany Benson
“Seek out a mentor at every stage in your career search, whether it’s the beginning or a transition. Mock interviews are your friend.” 
Adam Poppel
“When interviewing, ask two or three good questions. It shows that you want to learn more—and impresses the hiring manager.”   
Additional Requirements
Employees who work in patient care buildings must receive the influenza vaccine annually. Depending on your work location, you may also be required to attest to not using tobacco products.