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Pharmacy Tech

Date: Dec 8, 2018

Location: Philadelphia, PA, US, 19104

Company: CHOP

Job Description

Req ID: 22974

Shift: Evenings

Employment Status: AF - Active - Regular - Full Time 

Job Summary

Assist in various pharmacy activities, under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, and other duties not requiring the review of a pharmacist. The majority of tasks and responsibilities are related to preparing, dispensing, and distributing medications. 

Job Responsibilities

Prepares accurately, through the proper use of equipment and techniques; individualized doses of sterile and non-sterile extemporaneous medication, in an appropriate container, labeled in an appropriate manner and stored at the recommended temperature.


  • Calculates the concentration and volume of the medication to be used prior to its preparation 100% of the time.
  • Unit dose medications (PO, SVP, LVP, TPN, and Chemotherapy) are correctly and accurately prepared and labeled.  Preparation is appropriately documented as per policy and procedure.
  • Medication is prepared and stored in a manner that is compatible and stable within the anticipated time of use.
  • Weighs, measures and mixes ingredients; compounds and prepared compounds and prepares capsules, emulsions, liquids, suspensions, powders, ointments and intravenous solutions using such equipment as graduates, balances, mortars, pestles and funnels in a correct manner 100% of the time.
  • Provide proper information on labels as per policy & procedures.  Enter proper medication expiration dating as per expiration dating policy and procedure.
  • Prepares medication in a manner that minimizes cost due to wastage.
  • Ensure all doses prepared are verified with a pharmacist prior to dispensing to ensure medications prepared and dispensed are correct and accurate, in an appropriate container, labeled in an appropriate manner and stored at the recommended temperature.
  • Prepares medications to assure that the turnaround time for all uncomplicated medication orders and for all stat medication orders does not exceed 1 hour and 15 minutes respectively, 100% of situations.
  • Patient Specific Daily Batch PO Production and Patient Medication Bin Fill
    • Prepares, set and complete patient medication bins for daily cassette exchange within standard cycle time (7sec per dose)
    • Complete daily PO Production process in the designated start time and sequence of patient care units
    • Discontinued medications are removed from patient bins and refrigerator bins during batch process.
    • Patient medication bins are maintained 100% accurate during medication bin fill process utilizing patch label, DC drug label, and DC patient labels.
    • Places all prepared and checked medications in the correct patient cassette 100%
  • Patient Specific Daily Batch SVP Production
    • Prepares patient specific batch SVP production for daily cassette exchange within standard cycle time.
    • Refrigerated medications are properly segregated from non-refrigerated medications.
    • Discontinued medications are removed from production bin, patient bins and refrigerator bins during batch production.
    • Places all prepared and checked medications in the correct nursing unit bins 100%.
    • Follow USP 797 Guidelines and Compliance
  • Sterile product (SVP, LVP, TPN and chemotherapeutic solutions) prepared in compliance to USP 797.
    • Aseptic Electronic Test –  a score of >/=90% on first pass
    • Aseptic Oral Test – a score of >/=90% on first pass
    • Aseptic Validation / Practical –a score of 100% on first pass
    • Aseptic Validation Sample – samples resulting in NO growth s/p incubation x14 day
    • Single dose vials discarded within established timeframe after opening 100% of time based on random tracer
    • Multiple dose vials discarded within 100% of time based on random tracer
    • Proper IV Garb – 100% compliance based on a sample size inclusive of every  6 months (daily; random; minimum: 100 days per 6 months)
    • Discarded Batch production Log

Job Responsibilities (Continued)

Medication Delivery and Medication Cassette Exchange.  Pharmacy products are distributed accurately, with the appropriate quantity and at the time the product is needed during hourly medication delivery and Bin Exchange.

  • Ensure the standard number of bins for specific patient care unit is delivered.  Exchange entire set of bins (not individual bin, one by one).
  • Check all doses remaining in outgoing patient cassette bin and transfer to incoming patient cassette bin: multi-dose drugs, inhalers, new doses, prns.  Check exp date.  Alert pharmacist to replace expired medications.
  • Check exp date of all patient specific medications including IVs, POs and refrigerated items.  Return all expired items to the pharmacy. 
  • Remove discontinued medication from pharmacy return bin and return to pharmacy. 
  • Check all medications in the Red Tube Medications bin- Place in appropriate patient cassette
  • Return all expired /unauthorized medication to pharmacy (i.e. Home medication of discharged patient, medication removed from pyxis)
  • Remove non-pharmacy items from medication refrigerator ( lab tubes/specimens, non-pharmacy formula) and give to nurse
  • Insulin Vials- Remove any dated vials from refrigerator and place in patient bin or other proper storage location
  • Delivers medication on an hourly basis to the appropriate storage area (med cassettes, refrigerated meds).
  • Oversized IV containers, LVP) on the nursing unit with 100% accuracy.
  • Delivers medication to the appropriate patient cassettes on nursing unit to assure the correct drug is available for administration to the patient.
  • Initiates special deliveries of medications to assure that the turnaround time for all uncomplicated medication orders and for all stat medication orders does not exceed 1 hour and 15 minutes respectively, 100% of situations.
  • Retrieves all medications that are discontinued or expired from nursing units at time of bin exchange and hourly deliveries.
  • New patient are provided with a labeled medication bin in alphabetical order 100% of time.
  • Delivers and exchanges 24hrs medication supplies (med cassettes, refrig med, oversized IV containers, LVP) to the patient care nursing units with 100% accuracy to ensure the correct drug is available for administration to the patient.
  • At bin exchange, transfers all multi- dosed containers, PRNs and last doses from outgoing patient medication cassettes to incoming patient medication cassettes. 
  • Document on Medtrax of medication delivery 100% of time

Job Responsibilities (Continued)

Inventory Control

  • Kanban Inventory system is adhered to 100% of time.
  • Maintains and organizes inventory supply in a manner which minimizes inventory storage cost, wastage, and stock-outs. Ensures inventory is rotated properly, stored in appropriate conditions and location with 100% accuracy.
  • Complete monthly medication expiration dating assignments in a timely manner.  Identify and reorder expired medications inventory and ensures that stock is stored in accordance with manufacturer requirements.
  • Assures the proper replacement of prescription drugs to stock upon requisitions from various departments of the hospital either manually or through the Pyxis System.
  • Ensures the secure storage of narcotics and other controlled substances.
    • Document every transaction completely and accurately.
    • No generation of discrepancies in the C2 Safe, Pyxis Medstation, or Inventory Logs.
    • Ensure the destruction of returned controlled substance continuous medication infusions.
    • Ensures secure storage of narcotics and other controlled substances on a regular basis.  Maintains inventory records on narcotics and other forms of drugs as required by law.
  • Performs inventory counts of controlled substances on safes as per policy and procedures.


Participates in hospital and departmental Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) activities.

  • Utilizes the Lean Principals of to analyze, and resolve problems in a systematic manner.
  • All improvement must be made in accordance with the scientific method
  • Participation to departmental RPI
  • Work OT to allow coworkers to participate in department RPI
  • Achieve patient safety and satisfaction through the use of lean principles:
  • 5S
  • Elimination of Waste
  • JIT
  • Stand Work
  • Quality
  • Promote and Comply with Standardized Procedures.
  • Promote and Comply with Standard Work.
  • Identify “waste” in ownership process and recommends solutions for implementation.
  • Correct abnormal conditions.

Required Licenses, Certifications, Registrations


Required Education and Experience

Required Education: High School/GED

Preferred Education, Experience & Cert/Lic


Preferred Education: Graduate of an approved Pharmacy Technician Program or College Graduate

Additional Technical Requirements

  • Basic computer skills including use of Windows operating system and word processors. 
  • Calculation skills

All CHOP employees who work in a patient building or who provide patient care are required to receive an annual influenza vaccine unless they are granted a medical or religious exemption.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its patients, family members, visitors and employees. In an effort to achieve this goal, employment at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, other than for positions with regularly scheduled hours in New Jersey, is contingent upon an attestation that the job applicant does not use tobacco products or nicotine in any form and a negative nicotine screen (the latter occurs after a job offer).

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability or protected veteran status.

VEVRAA Federal Contractor/Seeking priority referrals for protected veterans.  Please contact our hiring official with any referrals or questions.

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